LEAH’S CLOSET: “New, Like New, Vintage”

I’m nostalgic for the 90’s and any piece or brand that remotely speaks to that nostalgia is on my radar right now.

Lately almost everything appears either mass-produced or over-exposed. There’s nothing special about an over-exposed, mass-produced label. Whether something is new or old, originality and authenticity has a lot of appeal because most of us have, frankly, seen it all.

Show me something different or bring me something original! If it’s unique, I’m interested. If it’s unique and quality–I’m sold! If it’s unique, quality, and affordable . . . well, I’m simply at your mercy. And this is probably why I find myself currently at the mercy of Leah’s Closet’s, a shop that recently opened in Royal Oak on Eleven Mile Road.

Leah's Closet in Royal Oak

photo 1 copy 2 Leah’s store has such a great vibe! There’s a story behind everything picked by her with her exquisite taste. Just some of the unique pieces she has in her shop include: a Vera Wang wedding gown, a one-of-a-kind Gandalf The Wizard Inc. leather jacket by Marc Bucanan (from Detroit!), a very, very hard to find red Salvador Dali lipstick, the coolest cigarette holder/pendant (which is now mine!), never worn Jimmy Choo shoes, dresses from Cynthia LaMaide a local but well-known fiber artist and fashion designer (whose dress Jennifer Aniston wore in Wonderlust), and the list goes on.

Gandalf the Wizard Inc. Leather by Marc Bucanan

Detroit Vintage Leather Jacket Label Salvador Dali Lipstick


cigarette holder & pendant

dress & necklace

Leah has always been a woman of fashion and a collector of cool stuff. After being told, so many times, that she should open a store, she finally decided to do it. This is great news for those of us who love to find unique pieces that no one else has.

Leah is very selective in what she stocks in her store. She looks for the unique and unusual, but still wearable, whether it’s new or vintage, which is why she calls it a “New, Like New, and Vintage” shop.

New, Like New, & Vintage

Leah's Closet

Leah offers her selectively chosen items in her store, priced from $10-$800.  About the price range, she says, “It just depends on what it is.” (Clearly the higher the price, the better the story!) If a woman were to bring her daughter and her granddaughter with her to Leah’s, all three could leave carrying bags.

sequined dress


dress from Leah's Closet “I mean we all love vintage, but too much polyester is always a bad thing!” Leah says. She adds, “I love mixing and layering high and low-end fabulous things and like pretty, girly things.”  Her fashion philosophy makes me love her to pieces. (Pun intended!)



Leah It’s hard to translate her enchanting energy and her effortlessly cool, yet impeccable boho style into words. You will just have to experience Leah and her “Closet” for yourself.

Oh, and for those who are nostalgic for the 90’s as I am, here’s a little flashback for you: Leah’s counter top is from the store “It Was, It Is,” which you may remember was a popular place to shop during the 90s located in Birmingham, Michigan.

And last but not least, I will leave you with some of Leah’s style guidelines:

  • A good alterations person is a must.  ALWAYS key for vintage or new.
  • Remember that SIZE DOES NOT MATTER. You never know until you try it on. Vintage usually runs small, so even if the tag says Size10, it could fit like a 4 or 6.  Leah says, “I just don’t like to judge by size, you have to try stuff on.”
  • DON’T DISCRIMINATE by brands when it comes to style–you can mix Target with Valentino.
  • THERE ARE NO RULES IN FASHION. You can wear summer dresses over jeans and boots with a sweater or a leather jacket in the winter. You can also wear white after Labor Day!

Music to The Snob Mob’s ears! So, my friends-and-fashion-gypsies-on-the-hunt-for-great-things, check out Leah’s Closet; I guarantee that you’ll find a gem awaiting you.

Leah's Closet

Want to see and know more? Click here for their website : www.leahsclosetroyaloak.com

Leah’s Closet is located on 722 West 11 Mile Rd. Royal Oak, MI 48067

Sweet Valentine’s Day

LoveWhen you live a life that is true to you, no matter what anyone else thinks, people are drawn to your authenticity. Your honesty creates a positive vibe that is contagious.

Here’s the truth:  When you stop judging yourself for whatever you’re doing, you naturally stop judging others for whatever they’re doing. When you start truly loving yourself, you naturally start to radiate unconditional love, which is also contagious. You’ll find that people are highly receptive and responsive to that energy.Valentines Day Lips Muah!

When you silence the unimportant clutter in your mind, simple truthful and beneficial thoughts will replace that space that runs in your head.  This creates a more worthy mind that is more productive with your time,  which then naturally makes your life become more meaningful and wholesome.   Not to mention, eventually much more fulfilling.

Why do I want to share these thoughts? Because I intend my brand to be about awareness and sharing. After all, awareness, openness, health, and vulnerability  are the ingredients to beauty. However, I’m not talking about the awareness in terms of The Truth because so many of us carry within ourselves different truths. I’m talking about the awareness of just being. Simply being as you are. And I don’t mean sharing in an objective way,  but rather sharing as embracing.


It is these thoughts that have led to the words I have chosen for my brand: “Embrace, inspire, have spirit, & be you.”

One of the more profound things that I have come to understand over the last couple years is this:

It’s not always about knowing; it’s always about growing. And it’s not about obtaining abundance, but to evolve toward being abundant.

I am grateful to have failed at many things in my life in order to learn that life isn’t about succeeding or failing. It’s not about getting it right or wrong. It’s about living, learning, and growing. It’s about awareness and sharing. It’s true value is in loving yourself and others. And when you can do that, the world genuinely becomes your oyster.  And you, the pearl.

My thought is that Valentine’s Day is about love and not just love between couples, so whether you’re single or not, why not make Valentine’s Day a day to treat yourself because the best kind of love starts from within. While there are great benefits to receiving love from someone else, let’s also be reminded that there are great ways to love ourselves! So, for Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share how I love myself:

  • Eat well to feel good.  Head for to the Farmers Market and support your local mom-and-pop shops.
  • Do some dry brushing
  • Enjoy a Reiki sessionBe good to yourself
  • Run yourself a bubble bath
  • Get some fresh air; go for a walk or run
  • Someone’s on your mind; let them know!
  • Send a card to a friend
  • Get a hair treatment
  • Indulge in some reflexology
  • Invest in some oils for your body
  • bubble bath and reflexology Enjoy some chocolate (go for the dark)
  • Seek out guilt-free desserts
  • Do something for a good cause
  • Be lazy with a friend
  • Buy yourself some flowers and vino (or tea)be lazy with a friend
  • Search out the looks you love and are inspired by
  • Switch up your hair or make-up for the day
  • Spend some closet time, planning and organizingM.Lob from The Snob Mob's Style Inspiration
  • Facilitate a “Me, Myself, and I” slumber party in your bed. (I love getting comfy, opening my laptop, turning on the T.V., and just chilling out with myself in my bed.)me time you time
  • Try something new
  • Smile at the people you pass, and smile when no one’s looking.Live Love Laughter

Happy Valentine’s Day to . . .YOU! (Remember,  love starts within.)


Elegant & Easy-to-Wear

It’s no new news that I’m starting a clothing line–I’ve been working on it FOREVER. Every start-up business has its own challenges but all the aspects that go into starting a clothing line is what makes business planning in the fashion industry so complex and unique. Lots of researching, planning, timelines, searching, and sourcing that go into launching an endeavor such as this. It’s an industry with revolving doors that never stop. I will soon be covering the details of this project in my next blogpost.

I don’t want to produce anything that I wouldn’t wear everyday myself so here I am, testing out my mermaid maxi skirt for Charing Cross Spring/Summer 2014. (And I must say, I’ll be wearing this maxi skirt every day!)  During the summertime I always go for a laid-back style. Quality, laid-back pieces make it easier to be elegant while it’s hot!

Snob Mob June #charingcross #maxiskirt

Charing Cross @thesnobmob #abstractprint #blackandwhite

Snob Mob June

M.Lob from The Snob Mob

Below is my original sketch. The maxi skirt will also come as a maxi dress. Both are great and easy-to-wear. Exciting eh?!!! Charing Cross #startup #clothingline #inthemaking

And now. . .Thank God it’s Friday–time for some vino! Have a wonderful weekend.


(P.S. tank: Cosabella, necklace: Ginette NY, handbag: Herve Leger)


When It’s Hot, Rock Your Rompa’!

Detroit stylist, social butterfly, and good friend of mine, Lauren from The Urban Report, joins me for an evening in Birmingham, MI showing off her effortless summer style with a cute romper and casual, understated, but chic heels–a perfect look for a hot summer day!

Snob Mob June (56 of 68)Lauren from #theurbanreport Romper from Akualani Shoes from Gomax

Lauren from The Urban Report #style #fashionblogger Handbag from Sole Sisters Detroit

Lauren from The Urban Report #detroit #fashionbloggerWatch (Michael Kors), Rings (Forever 21), Necklace (Aldo)

Lauren from The Urban Report #detroit #fashionblogger #birmingham Lauren from #theurbanreport

To read more about what Lauren does check out A Day of Style in Detroit.

Or, better yet, check out her site! www.theurbanreport.tumblr.com

(Photo Credit: www.killercreations.net)

Dessi’s Styling Spirit

For the ladies in the Metro Detroit Area who love style,

I’m about to let you in on a little secret. I’d love to keep this secret to myself but I am passionate about supporting local gems and that is exactly what this is. Dessi’s Boutique is a women’s boutique, owned by Dessi Salzmann and it’s located on N. Main Street in Royal Oak, MI.DessiS Boutique #RoyalOak, MII drove past Dessi’s storefront several times and my “psy-chic fashion radar” kept going off so finally one day I decided to park, go in, and put an end to my curiosity. I could hear the angels of style signing, “Hallelujah.” I found my go-to boutique for timeless and unique investment pieces for my wardrobe.  DessiS Boutique #royaloak #michiganDessi’s Boutique features unique designers from Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. She buys things that she feels will be perfect for her customers and she only buys a few pieces of each style so what ever you get from her will surely be something no one else has.

“Items you wont find anywhere – once they sell out they’re gone!”DessiS Boutique #royaloak #michigan

My favorite part about Dessi’s store is Dessi’s styling spirit. Which is what makes her domain name www.dessistylingspirit.com perfect. Styling is not just a service she offers, it’s her passion, and she will not steer you wrong. She’s honest, hands on, and great at showing you how to wear different styles. Determined not to fall into a Midwestern fashion rut of Lu Lu Lemon stretch pants, dull colors, and typical “safe” dressing. (Nothing against Lu Lu Lemon! I wear them too, but don’t tell anyone!) Dessi’s intent is to inspire true personal style–the European way.

Dressing Room @ DessiS Boutique in Royal Oak, Michigan

“Dessi’s only rules are uncommon and independent style, natural fibers, and artistic constructions.”

DessiS Styling Spirit

European Designers @ DessiS Styling Spirit

So if you are tired of the usual and are looking for something unique, exclusive, and sophisticated be sure to check her out.


806 N. Main Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067 (A few steps north from Hollywood Market)


DessiS Boutique www.dessisstylingspirit.comWhat did I buy? Goodness gracious, you wont let me keep any secrets will you? Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.  I bought:TheSnobMob #whitejacket

A white silk jacket made with black liningWhite Blazer via The Snob Mob

I also bought a beautiful silk print halter maxi dress and a short skirt.
The Items I bought from Dessi's Boutique
I’m a happy girl!


Have a beautiful weekend.


A Day of Style in Detroit

Well, my clothing line is still work in progress . . .I’m sorry to keep you waiting but good things take time and I promise I will make it worth the wait! In the meantime, I find many ways to keep myself busy. Last week a couple girlfriends and I decided to meet up in the city to play with fashion and photography. It was HOT and the sun was beating down on us but we had a great time anyway!

Meet Sasha,

The Snob Mob-Eastern Market

What is absolutely amazing about Sasha? She has survived Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is the most aggressive kind of brain tumor a person can get diagnosed with. Having undergone chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, it hasn’t been an easy ride. As you can see she is resilient, strong, and as beautiful as ever. “It’s been 4 years since your surgery right?” I ask. She responds, “4 fantastic years!!!” My favorite thing about Sasha is her fun-loving & positive attitude–its contagious.

“The sun is always shining behind the clouds.”

This is a motto she lives by and one that she’ll always remind you of . . .

The Sun is Always Shining Behind the Clouds: Fashion Shot for The Snob Mob #summer #style

Sasha @ The Snob Mob

Another bit of advice from my girl: “He who angers you, controls you.” So let that sh!t go!!

Sasha's Arm Candy #accessorize #teal #summerstyle

Sasha is often armed with sparkle on her wrist. And watch out! She’s got plenty more where that came from!

The Snob Mob: #armcandy #accessories #bling #purse #goodies

Next up is Lauren!

Lauren from The Urban Report #thesnobmob

Lauren is a Detroit Stylist and Blogger @ The Urban Report.  Her and I went to The Academy of the Sacred Heart together back in the day–Must be the uniform dress code that drove us into the fashion world! Lauren offers Personal Styling Services as well as Career & Professional Development Programs that focuses on dress and grooming etiquette.

 “Style is not a function of how rich you are, or even who you are . . . It’s what you are. It is your essential self.”

~John “Black Jack” Bouvier

Lauren from The Urban Report #thesnobmob #detroit

Lauren’s rule of dress is KISS–Keep it Simple Stupid. Advice on avoiding a Snob Mob Faux Pas:

“I try not to overthink getting dressed by dressing for what’s on my agenda for the day. It not only saves time but it alleviates any chance of being dressed inappropriate or over-the-top.”

Lauren from The Urban Report #detroit

For more of Lauren you can find her Fashion Blog at www.theurbanreport.tumblr.com or follow her on instagram @ The Urban Report.

. . . And then there is me and my not-so-snobby-look:

Not So Snobby @ The Snob Mob

For those who don’t know me, I am in a long process of starting a clothing line called Charing Cross. Lots of learning, obstacles, and challenges along the way, but I will be ready to launch my line soon. I started this blog to record my process of creating a business, as well as finding and defining style in a way that everyday women can identify with.

M.Lob @ #thesnobmob #ombre #red

My latest favorite advice (or rant) on fashion is from Coco Chanel:

“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little, if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. Isn’t it best to be as pretty as possible for destiny?”

Snob Mob-18

I like to remember this quote as an inspiration and a kick-in-the-but to put my best foot forward everyday. Which, then encourages me to be more open and active towards my goals.

Strut #thesnobmob #red #pink

Even if you don’t have a date with destiny, it just feels good to be ready for it.

Thanks to Mike Peraino @ www.killercreations.net for the photos!

Have a great Memorial Weekend everyone!


Dear Reader, What’s Your Style?

Defining one’s own style isn’t always easy. It can be as difficult as finding a signature scent. Or trying to commit to one! Like a recipe in a cookbook, personal style is our own creation of different ingredients.  Some of us stick with a few main ingredients, while others like to mix it up more.  Comfort, body type, lifestyle, and interests are some of the things that inspire our own concoctions, and which evolve into our personal style.

As I move forward into a new stage of the design process, I’ve had to do a lot of thinking about my brand and what my brand’s signature style is. I’ve asked myself questions like: “What defines a designer as edgy?” “Am I a classic brand?” “Who is my target market?” “What does my target market want and what is their style?” I realized that there are many perspectives within a definitive style. There are grey areas because many of us employ a mix of different styles. What’s the result of all this questioning? Over-thinking. Yeah. . .

When it comes to fashion, I love it all.  Lets just say I’m a fashionizer. So I decided to clear the board on this topic of “Definitive Style” and start from scratch. I created, what I call, a “Style Study” by putting together a collage for each style descriptor.  For me personally, this project helped to create visual clarity on the different types of styles out there so that I can best determine the style of my brand. This way, I can stay focused on my recipe instead of getting sidetracked.

I like to think of this Style Study as a visual pantry of different ingredients that we are each free to pick from. Knowing what type of recipe you’re trying conjure to up helps to determine the ingredients you use, right? Creating a fashion style of your own is no different.

So what is your style recipe? I know you are wondering what mine is. . . In my heart of hearts, mine is Classic + Utilitarian by day and Modern + Elegant by night. In the winter I like to add a little Edge and in the summer I’m tempted to add some Bohemian ingredients to my mix.  And that is the focus of my brand. (More to come on that later!)

Below is my Style Study. And since I love it all, I’ve added a little ode to each lovely style.


Dear Classic, you are definitive, and oh so elegant. Fresh and traditional, you make everything seam all right. Pleasant and true to your nature, everything fits just right.


Dear Edgy, you’re the one who dares, one who innovates, you make an outfit sharp and you live on the edge leading the fashion forefront, and you rock the provocative spirit.


Dear Free-Spirited, Bohemian; The Elegant Nomad, with peace and beauty you dance to the unconventional beat of life and work the charm of a gypsy’s spell, inspiring freedom and love.

Avant Garde

Avant Garde. You are the radical one, the visionary, unorthodox and artistic. You are fashion’s deviant, experimenting with style for the love of beauty in all forms. The good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all beautiful because you turn fashion into an art form.


Dear Miss Modern, you flirt with the past and the future but your presence seizes the present.  Simplicity is emphasized with sleek cuts and clean styles. Your image is pristine and sassy.


Dear Eclectic, You’re the baby sister hybrid, that loves to have fun with all of the above. You find the harmony in chaos. You adhere to your own rules and dress to your own song of style. Be it loud or quiet, sing on sister!


Dearest Glamour, you are the charming one, alluring and exciting. The beauty of living is your adventure and drama is what makes you fascinating. You captivate the moment and this makes you timeless.


Dear Lady Elegance, you rule with grace and luxury. You are clever and tasteful in everything that you do. Refined with thought and simplicity the silent presence of elegant style speaks out loud and exhibits quality.


Utilitarian! The fashion warrior: Cool and grounded, you are down-to-earth and ready for anything.  You battle simple staples with strong statements. Pragmatic and functional, like a basic tee or blue jeans, you can make anything work and you are ready to make anything happen.


And Retro, you celebrate the past with modern splendor. Don’t tempt you with a good time because play is your game. You display vintage grace but you are a rock star on the inside.

Dear Reader, what’s your style? Drop me a line; I’d love if you’d share it. . .









Love in the D – Happy 313!

The other day I went downtown to get a coffee from Astro. It was a rainy day and I love rain so I turned off my windshield wipers to capture an image of the city along with some raindrops. Today is 3-13-13 and “313” is Detroit’s area code so here’s a little wink & nod to the city that hopelessly captures my heart . . . in a coffee mug.Detroit via The Snob Mob

Detroit via The Snob Mob


Love from Astro Coffee via The Snob Mob #detroit


Merlin in Manhattan

Alright, here’s a little post to add to your Manic Monday. I found the COOLEST little celeb hiding in a hip boutique in Nolita called Condor. Ladies and Gents, meet Merlin:


He’s the sweetest thing hopping on Elizabeth Street plus he’s got cool hair. Merlin is an English Angora Rabbit. Not only is he the coolest of his kind, but he is also a rising Manhattan star. The New York Post ranked Merlin #57 on the list of 100 things to see in Manhattan in 2013

Merlin at Condor From the New York Post via The Snob Mob

Yep, that’s right AND he’s a playboy! Merlin can be found in GQ Australia February’s issue keeping model, Shanin Amshaik, warm.

GQ Australia, Merlin, Shanina Shaik

My pictures simply do not do justice for this little dude so to get the full effect of his charisma you’ll have to check his Instagram page @Merlin_Manhattan. I guarantee he’ll put a smile on your face!

Merlin_Manhattan on Instagram

Follow Merlin on Instagram @Merlin_Manhattan

I could rave about Merlin for days but he isn’t the only great find in this special boutique. Condor is a women’s boutique stocked with women’s clothing and accessories that are fashion-forward staples from brands such as IRO, Cut 25, Veda, Tome, Jeffery Campbell shoes, Rebecca Minkoff Handbags, Candela shoes, Mara Hoffman swimwear, We Are Handsome, RVCA, and more.


Their styles are not only cutting edge but also versatile and easy-to-wear. (My fav.) Here are a few pictures I took:

photo 1-31

photo 2-37

photo 2-1

photo 1-3


photo 2-3


photo 1



Besides this boutique’s great selection of clothing, and Merlin, Condor is run by a wonderful team of stylish and friendly girls that are really helpful, which makes shopping there all that much more enjoyable. Merlin and his ladies can be found at 259 Elizabeth Street in NYC.

Luckily, for those who do not live in New York, Condor will be launching their e-commerce site soon @ www.shopcondor.com. In the meantime, be sure to check them out on their other social media sites:

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shopcondor

-Tumblr: http://shopcondor.tumblr.com/

-Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/shopcondor/

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week!



Behind All Magic There Is a Magician

Some secrets stay in the dark and then there are the secrets that are waiting to be discovered.  The ones waiting to be discovered are the ones with magic in them, the kind of magic that sheds light into our hearts and lifts our day. These lovely kinds of secrets teach us that the magic is within the journey itself.

Taking a leap of faith means journeying into the unknown, which can be a little scary at times.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts from time to time. I realize that I am taking on a huge project by starting a clothing line.  However, I’m getting good at outracing my doubts. Every day I take one step towards my goal and for every day that I have doubt, I take two steps.

I spent the other day roaming the city.  My mission was to do some product research. (. . . And some shopping, but we’ll call that product research, too!) I started out at Spring & Thompson, walked around NoHo, had lunch at Balthazar, and then I walked over to the West Village and up to the Meat Packing District.

In a mixed state of solitude and crazy inspiration from the city’s energy, I wasn’t sure if I felt lonely or fulfilled. I stumbled upon the word “magic” hiding in the snow. I brushed the snow aside and took a picture of it, “In Pursuit of Magic”.

In Pursuit of Magic via TheSnobMob

I was delighted. Like I said, it’s a little scary stepping into the unknown because the unknown plays by a different set of rules. Rules that include: a lot of patience, faith, confidence, resilience, and adaptability. That’s why it was such a treat to stumble upon this.

Despite the cold bitter evening, this little reminder warmed my heart. What do I take from this friendly reminder? While hard work and planning are crucial to success, the third element is the unknown, letting things happen naturally and adapt accordingly because you can’t predict everything. It’s important to have faith in what you are doing, to trust in your vision and your process because that’s where the magic unfolds.

Magic Is Something You Make

Behind all magic there is a magician. When I got home I googled “in pursuit of magic” to find their website. Check it out: Pursuit of Magic

IPM is a commitment to be aware of the magic that permeates in each moment.

Moral of the Story: Wherever there is magic in your life, believe in it, nourish it, and treat it well because when you love it, it loves you back.

Enjoy & Happy Valentines Day from New York!!

The Snob Mob NYC