Noteworthy Style Icons

If you haven’t already scoped out these gals’ style, then you should! Here are four fashionistas whose style I am obsessed with:

1.)Christine Centenera- Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar (Australia), Stylist, and known for being photographed for her amazing style by Garance Dore, Scott Schuman and The Sartorialist.


2.)Julia Sarr-Jamois- Fashion Editor for Wonderland magazine.  Also known for her unique style and perfect afro.



3.)Lykke Li- Swedish singer-songwriter


4.)And last but not least, Elin Kling- Swedish fashion blogger (Style by Kling)

For more of Elin click here. I hope these ladies’ style inspire you as much as they inspire me! Their clear sense of personal style (that is high fashion yet laid back) consists of attention-grabbing statement pieces toned down by casual basics and, as you can see, amazing shoes! And they make it look so easy don’t they?

Sneaker Style

Summer styles are transitioning into Fall as we speak and as usual that’s exciting! However, there’s one thing we can’t ignore–It’s still hot! So extend your summer style by pairing sneakers with casual classics. I’ve posted some pictures below to inspire your own sneaker style. As you can see, it’s comfy chic that is effortlessly cool.

Wearing street style sneakers used to be more of an urban trend but it has now leaked into high fashion and is a trend that can actually be very elegant! It’s a style that is hip across the board for all ages and it demonstrates a look of downtime and ease that isn’t always easy to find in the world of fashion. Perfect for a low-key, end-of-summer look.

Check out more of The Snob Mob’s favorite Sneaker Styles on Pinterest

(Credits for the above photos also found on Pinterest- here)